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"ALL good!" - D. Hillard-Ross


"Everything was awesome. Zuri gives and amazing massage. She is very knowledgeable about human anatomy." - S. Cantor


"Zuri met me at the door, did a comprehensive intake evaluation, gave me a terrific massage, and the(n) explained her findings about areas I was experiencing pain.  She is an expert masseuse and gifted healer." - C. Abbott


"Prior to her beginning her coaching business, Zuri was my massage therapist for several years. She always provided amazingly insightful advice and counsel to me during that time, so when she began her coaching business, it made perfect sense for me to sign up. In the beginning, Zuri asked what came to mind when she said I would completely transform by the end of my time with her. My response was "unbelievable". Well, the unbelievable happened and I definitely transformed!" - R. Norris

"Zuri is very knowledgeable.  She gets it right every time!  Always look forward to an excellent treatment." - A. Jones

"Zuri is absolutely great! I’m so glad I finally found someone that does an amazing job and is practical in cost!" - S. Dalal


"Ms. Zuri is really takes her time in understanding what actually bothers you. You get a sense that she enjoys her work and not just as a means to make money. Truly a GOD send, and will continue using her services as long as there available" - J. Edwards


"Excellent experience! Zuri will have you feeling brand new. Her knowledge base is amazing on how the body works and what it needs to function at its best. Her energy is so calm and the environment sets the tone for ultimate healing and relaxation." - D. Thompson


"This was one of the best gifts anyone could have ever given me. I have had massage services before but none like this I was informed on how to take care of what I may overlook on a daily. Thank You Zuri, you are awesome." - L. Hailstock


"Zuri knows her stuff! Her service was customized to meet my needs." - Anonymous


"She was extremely professional and thorough. I’ll definitely go back" - G. Kibinda


"Truly a wonderful experience every time. She focuses on my situation and tailor’s the massage to my needs. I especially love the essential oil used in my last session." - T. Jones


"Very professional, good service and highly recommended.  Thank you again" - D. Jefferson

"I have had many, many massages over the years in all settings (office, fitness center, hotel, cruise, etc.) and can say unequivocally that Zuri is, by far, the best massage therapist I have ever visited.  Her knowledge of anatomy, her hand strength and her spiritually grounded approach makes her the absolute best!  Thank you Zuri for all you do!!" - S. Goldberg, MD

"My son was having a lot of pain on his shoulder and his range of motion diminished.  As a swimmer, he over uses his shoulder.  Ms. Zuri was very knowledgeable and dedicated, making my son feel very comfortable.  Excellent professional." - J. Formento


"Zuri's chair massage was transformative! The tips she provided afterwards have helped me make adjustments to how I work so that I feel more comfort and less pain." - K. Berdan

"Zuri is the first massage therapist that was in tune with the ailments concerning my body. Outstanding and highly recommended." - Anonymous

"Zuri is top notch!! She is always concerned about YOU and ensuring her services meet YOUR needs!❣️." - A. Patterson

"Thank you so much! You take massages to a whole new level. It’s so much more than relaxing and afterwards my entire body felt amazing!!" - R. Norris

"Was a great experience and I learned a lot from Miss Zuri. She is very knowledgeable of her work and will definitely be booking again sometime in the near future." - A. Defrancisco 


"Thank you for explaining what your found. I have been receiving massages for years and you were the first to provide actionable feedback. Thank you!" - K. Johnson


"Thank you for the information, understanding, and professionalism you offer with your services.  I have not only improved my mobility and pain level, I am now more informed on how to prevent and treat my body to reduce further injuries and prolong good health.  I consider your services essential and enjoy continuing to work with you..." - W. Gray 

"I didn't know what to expect.  I came in, open to having a professional massage experience however I did not know what that would look like.  It was relaxing...calming...regenerative...restorative...This absolutely felt like good soul/self care.  I felt like I was taking care of myself by having this experience. I highly recommend it." - R. Burris

"I received the best massage ever from Zuri. I was wondering would the massage therapist be able to get deep enough. That was not an issue. Thank you Zuri. You were great!!!" - G. Williams

"Zuri is the T.R.U.T.H!!!! This gifted woman was able to let me know how stressed I was from getting a chair massage. What I truly appreciate when working with Zuri is that her post-therapy recommendations are on point and cost effective. From simple stretches to aromatherapy. Because of my first encounter with her, I went and booked a full body massage for me and my partner. Thanks Zuri, until next time!!!" - S. Sommerville

"I am grateful for my experience with Zuri.  I was able to learn where I carry my stress, techniques to resolve the issue, and most of all learn the importance of self care." - D. Santos

"Ms. Battle is friendly and easy to talk with.  She worked my whole I feel so relax(ed).  I enjoyed every minute!" - T. Westermann

"Zuri is a real professional.  She worked with pinpoint accuracy, good pace, and highly knowledgeable about her work.  She offers advice after the end of the session and she pays great attention to detail." - C. Tien


"Great use of gravity and my own body weight to get deep.  Perfect pressure.  Zuri is a master with draping, tucking, and transition between body parts." - M. Hoban


"She has great pressure and wonderful attitude to do the best for her clients.  She is the perfection of what a great clinician is." - D. Highstein

"...creates an outstanding relaxing atmosphere and session.  So professional and dedicated in all aspects of the session.  Outstanding coaching and feedback to the client." - J. Wheeler

"Wow!  Thanks for dealing with those knots so well!  Great knowledge of anatomy and kinesiology.  You're a pro!" - D. Heath

"Simply the best!"  - W. Leferve

"You brought joy today!  Thank you!"  - T. Sonni

"Masterful deep tissue!" - M. Vanderbeck

"Everything was great.  Pressure was on point!" - P. Ramos

"I loved it all!!  Zuri was so intuitive and therapeutic.  She gave me a complete head to toe work over and I feel I got exactly what I needed and then some.  I love how I feel balanced and I didn't feel rushed or overworked (I am somewhat sensitive to deep pressure).  Zuri was perfect and has perfect pressure.  I love all the joint work!" - C. Torres 

"I've had hundreds of massages and I can honestly say this was in the top 3 best of all time!"  - T. Carroll

"Zuri does not disappoint!!  From start to finish Zuri is amazing...her massage and technique (is) absolutely spectacular!!  Zuri's caring and compassionate as well as professional personality is what helps her deliver a very wonderful massage experience." - C. Pauley

"I have had many massage and Zuri was one of the best therapists I have had. She is fantastic..." - C. Gorman

"I just had one of the best massages today from Zuri.  She address all of my problem areas and even had some unexpected procedures which made the experience pleasurable.  She even used the exact amount of lotion which I enjoyed." - D. Randall

"One of the best neck and shoulder massages I have experienced." - L. Smoot

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