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"Relax. Release. Reset." Workshops

Audience in Lecture

"Relax. Release. Reset." Workshops are geared toward adults (college students, church groups, fraternities/sororities, parents, teachers, book clubs, community groups, etc) who are interested in learning new skills & methods as well as sharing thoughts  and best practices pertaining to the workshop topic.

"Relax. Release. Reset." Workshops are typically 90 minutes in length and follow Zuri Battle's DEAR method (Discussion, Education, Activation, Revision) allowing attendees to relax in their setting, begin releasing old ways of thinking, and reset their minds and bodies with new, positive habits. 


Workshops are available upon request (at least two weeks advance notice is required) and provided at your organization's location.  All workshops include bottled water, a healthy snack, and takeaways for registered participants!


Workshop Topics:

Beginner Yoga

Managing Stress

Overcoming Fear/Anxiety

Managing Depression

Time Management & Goal Setting

Law of Attraction/Vision Boarding

Family Education: Helping Your Child Succeed!

Fitness Bootcamps

Looking for a fun way to engage your organization or group of adults? Try a Fitness Bootcamp!  Certified Personal Trainers will lead groups of 10 or more in strength building and cardio exercise incorporating fun as you get fit!

Specialized goal based workouts are meant to be interactive, informative, fun, and reflective!

Fitness Bootcamps include: 

Provision of health/fitness data

Diet Information


Fitness Sessions


Gym Class

Relax. Release. Reset.  Bootcamps and Workshops start at just $500!

Contact Zuri Battle to discuss details and schedule your workshop or fitness bootcamp today!!

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