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Stay cool for hours using the Cryo Neck Band!


To activate the cooling crystals, soak the reusable band in 4 - 8 oz of cold water (for 3-20 minutes).  The crystals will expand and retain the liquid and cooling properties for hours even when the fabric is dry!  Cryo Neck Bands are made from non-toxic materials and are comfortable, re-useable, freezer and refrigerator safe, durable, and appropriate for children and adults!  


After wetting and/or refrigerating, simply wrap the Cryo Neck Band around your neck (tucking the ends into your shirt) and go! (Best used when wearing round collar shirts).  Reactivate the cooling capacity by rewetting and placing the Cryo Neck Band in the freezer or in the refrigerator overnight!

Each Cryo Neck Band measures approximately 20.5 in x 1.5 in with cooling crystals filling the entire band  when activated for maximum cooling capacity. Made with 100% cotton. Available in: Black, Pink, Black Marble, Grey/White/Yellow Geometric, Pink/Turquoise Diamond Pattern

Customers use the Cryo Neck Band to:

  • Help keep the body cool during activities (housework, gardening, lawn care, bike riding, walking/hiking) and extreme heat conditions (indoor & outdoor)

  • Help relieve hot flashes and maintain the body's homeostasis 



*Not to be used in replacement of a first aid ice pack

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