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Personal Transformation Coaching


Zuri firmly believes that the mind, body, emotions, energy/spirit are all intertwined. When there is a disconnect/low vibration in one aspect of the body, all other aspects are affected which tends to cause imbalance and dis-ease. As a Personal Transformation Specialist, Zuri helps her clients identify aspects within themselves that may resonate as out of balance and assists in the process of healing.

Psychologist Session
Coaching Testimonial

"I'm proud of myself because I got everything done (this) morning. (I even) packed a sandwich for lunch! Because of you, (I learned) mindful tactics that I can share with friends and family!"

-R. Girma, Personal Transformation Coaching Client


Session Details

Personal Transformation sessions are offered in one-time live group settings or virtually in 60-minute meetings over the course of 12 weeks.  Coaching sessions are meant to identify the area(s) of instability, uncover potential causes, create clarity, and develop aligned course(s) of action that touch upon all aspects of the body (i.e., physical, mental, emotional) to unwind self-defeating behaviors and patterns and begin to stabilize healthy habits that last.

Once the initial 12-weeks of individual coaching has concluded, clients have the option to engage in additional coaching sessions in 4-week increments.  If you are interested in learning more about Personal Transformation coaching sessions, please schedule a Discovery Session below.

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